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By registering for this membership, you are agreeing to explore the feelings, emotions and energies that are held unconsciously within your own body. The purpose of this journey is to become conscious of the emotions, patterns and beliefs that were previously unconscious.

Tamika Rose will not be personally healing you, or using any external form of healing or clearing. Whatever feelings you experience during the circles are 100% yours and were already within you.

As the emotions surface, they are releasing and this is a part of emotional healing. Therefore, all healing occurs within your own body and Self.

By registering for this membership you agree that you are in a healthy state of mind, capable of being with the emotions that may arise as a result of these healing circles and take 100% responsibility for your experience.

By registering, you agree that you are ready, willing and able to face these feelings and take full responsibility for your experience.

You agree not to make Tamika Rose responsible for any feeling, emotion or behaviour that results from the healing circles. If you are on a mental health plan, please consult your Medical Doctor before registering.

You agree not to take any illicit substance (drug) or drink alcohol prior to or after the event. For this work to be effective it is recommended you are fully conscious. 

If you are suicidal, we advise you not to participate in this membership. Instead, see your medical doctor or trusted professional immediately or call a help line.

If you wish to share the healing circles with your partner or friend, you agree to have them become a member themselves to ensure the fair exchange of energy.

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Sacred Embodiment Membership

Included in your Sacred Embodiment Membership:

  • 1 x LIVE somatic healing circle each month with Tamika
  • 1 x LIVE Somatic Education call each month with Tamika
  • Mini-Courses: Biology of Grief, Foundations of Somatic Healing, Healing at the Level of Your Nervous System and more being added.
  • Access to all recordings
  • Private community
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What People Are Saying:

Meeting Tamika in our circles is an absolute joy and blessing assisting me to live more fully in the present moment and embody more compassionate awareness for every aspect of my life. Essential soul maintenance!

Renee Subedi – Teacher

I've always felt numb and very heady. What I am learning from working with Tamika in these circles is to come into my body and be with the emotions and feelings that I previously would have avoided or suppressed. I am learning to be present and connect on a deeper level, beyond the surface based emotional reactions, control patterns and monkey mind. This is leading to emotional healing that I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve. Her work is assisting me in grounding and finding more security from within so that no matter what external chaos or stress is occurring in my external life, I am able to stay calm, centred and grounded within myself and trust that I am supported. Her guidance highlights the spiritual cause of what is occurring in my external life which helps me relax and trust the unfolding of my life, especially through stressful times. I highly recommend Tamika and her work for inner healing and transformation.

Rebecca Roberts – Early Childhood Educator

Tamika has such a supportive, calm presence and is so intuitive and knowledgeable. I’ve only done 6 circles so far, but already I feel so much more comfortable with negative emotions. I am no longer trying to avoid them, make them wrong or distract myself from feeling them. And even though I still have fears and doubts, instead of them consuming me, I know its ok. This work has also helped me tremendously in parenting my 3 year old as now I can hold space for her big emotions! I feel more confident in myself as a person and able to identify more of my good points and skills instead of obsessing over my weaknesses. My inner dialogue towards myself has changed from self-criticism to being more compassionate, caring and understanding. Things have flowed more smoothly in my life and I am able to relax more and trust the universe is taking care of me. I have spent my whole life and spiritual path in my mind trying to become one with source, and through Tamika’s circles, I found that connection within my own body. This was a lightbulb moment realising I am here to experience life through the body!

Jen Morgan - Mother

A few months ago, I was placed at a cross roads....To truly go within and stand in my true north or be crushed by the burdens of self-doubt, avoidance & trauma I was marinating in. With beautiful synchronicity I came across Tamika Rose's Sacred Journey Home Membership. From the moment I entered the space of her healing circle, I felt safely held in unconditional love. The journey she took us on brought me home to my heart. The replay is a blessing. Every time I watch the recording, it provides me with a new layer of awareness & healing, that keeps me vibing and thriving through every moment of my life. I can't wait to see what Divine blessing will be shared next. Eternal love & gratitude.

Bex Brownlow – Healer