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Begin The Journey With A Free Online Course


Begin The Journey With A Free Online Course

The Sacred Journey Home Is For You If...


  • Are seeking deep healing, transformation and an awakening into your true self.
  • Feel a deep call to return home to all of who you truly are. 
  • Are deeply committed to your soul’s healing, evolution and awakening, and ready to do the work.
  • Desire wholeness, soul embodiment and empowerment
  • Are ready to heal, transform and deepen your relationships 
  • Desire to be the embodiment of pure Love and become a force of healing in your family, community and collective.

If this resonates, then I welcome you to this journey! The Sacred Journey Home begins with my free online course, Entering The Temple and then continues on with 3 more individual online courses. 

I am currently birthing this entire journey and I intend to have this ready for 2023.

In the meantime, you can register your details and be the first to know when this journey, including the free course, is ready. 

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This transformational journey of healing and embodiment is being birthed as a result of my own personal healing journey spanning 20 years in combination with my professional qualifications. You can read more about my journey here. 

The pearls of wisdom I received, as a result of this journey, taught me that not only is love who we are, it is the very fabric of existence. Our wounds, however, create illusions which keep us separate from this love; and thus, trapped in our own suffering, seeking outside of ourselves to fill the void in a never-ending search.

Our wounds are the source of:

  •  Our disconnection to self, others and life
  •  Emotional triggers, hurt and pain
  •  Anxiety and depression
  •  Low self-worth, disempowerment, unfulfillment
  •  Feeling blocked and stuck
  •  Repeating negative patterns 
  •  Addictions and self-sabotage
  •  Relationship or intimacy challenges 
  •  Health challenges, dis-ease, pain, tension
  •  Confusion, feeling lost in purpose or direction
  • Life feeling like a struggle, rather than flow, grace & ease
  •  The very experiences, manifestations and dynamics in our life, both personally and collectively, that we don’t want and seek to change.

You Are The Love You Are Seeking

Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers you have built within yourself against it.” - Rumi

Love is who you are. It is what you are made of. And at the deepest level, it is the underlying essence of life itself. 

When we experience a trauma, anything which is overwhelming and where we are not able to process that emotional pain, as a survival mechanism, we suppress that emotional energy.

It moves into our unconscious and is stored deep within our nervous system and body. A part of our soul fractures off, creating a separation within us, leading to a lack of wholeness. As the pain was too much to bear in the first place, our only coping mechanism is to move away from the pain, and thus away from the body.

This creates a disembodiment of our soul. 

From there, we create layers of protection mechanisms, like layers of an onion. Aspects of our personality develop to help us cope with the trauma and to create a sense of safety. 

Our wounds and their protection mechanisms then become the barriers that block us from feeling, receiving and experiencing Love, relationship, and life. They block us from being able to receive what it is our heart desires and they block us from moving forward.  

Wounds limit our felt experience of who we are in each moment, as well as limit what we are capable of experiencing and creating.

Wounds can be created within this life, brought into this life or passed down ancestrally.  They are the source of your current pain and problems, whether you are aware of them or not. 

Wounds create the illusion of us being separate; of feeling alone. This feeling of disconnection or separation and the emotional grief and pain that accompanies this wound leaves a huge void within. To avoid the pain, we keep our mind occupied in anyway we know how. From addiction, to mindless distractions, to staying busy, focusing on others, or burying ourselves in work.

We buy into the illusion that we will “be happy when...” and place our happiness in the future, based on us achieving or having the next big thing. 

However, as you may have experienced, NOTHING external can ever fill the void of your wound. It is a bottomless pit that will keep you forever hungry, desperate and searching outside yourself, until you learn to go within! That is a merry-go-round that can last lifetimes, until you realise that what you’ve been doing is not working, and will never work. Only then, do we usually become ready for a deeper journey of going within. 

So the journey back home to who you truly are, as a powerful multidimensional creator being, is to go within. As you learn to face and feel your wounds, and heal your inner child, you heal the illusions created from your wounds that keep you in a false sense of separation, and you begin to remember who you are. As the illusions fall away, the Truth that all is Love, including your very Self becomes more apparent. Something that all the great spiritual teachers of all time have spoken about. 

In order to know yourself and your greatest light, you first need to face your greatest shadow and emotional wounds. 

As you transmute these energies, you begin to embody your soul, shine your light, live your unique God-given purpose, and experience the magic and sacredness of life. 

Therefore, as we embark upon a sacred journey of remembrance such as this, our wounds and our pain become portals into our soul; they are the gateway to our very potential and to the love, happiness, joy and light that we seek. We learn to embrace our wounds as the gifts they are.

As we learn how to face, feel and heal these wounds, integrate our shadow and dissolve the programming, we begin to access our true self, transform our 3D life, and live our highest expression, timeline and purpose.

Here are the possibilities as we heal our wounds:

  •  We completely heal our past and find peace; not from bypassing it but releasing the unprocessed emotions connected to those events and relationships.
  •  We move from victim to empowered creator
  •  Our heart opens and as we express our authentic self, we transform our current relationships, allowing a deeper more soulful connection to emerge.
  •  We move into connection with all parts of us, which leads into the wholeness of our true self.
  •  We feel worthy and enough as we are.
  •  We reclaim our power and sovereignty
  •  We evolve beyond the old patterns and begin creating our soul’s desires, mission and purpose.
  •  We step into our higher purpose, timeline and expression and experience grace, ease and flow.
  •  We experience true abundance.
  •  Our gifts and abilities come on line
  •  Our body becomes vital as there is now nothing blocking the flow of our life-force. Physical ailments, pain and dis-ease symptoms heal as the underlying trauma and energetic and emotional energy is healed.
  •  We become a conscious parent. Because we’ve learnt to hold space for our inner child, we are able to do the same for our children and thus meet their emotional and spiritual needs. We stop controlling our child and begin providing the support needed for them to maintain their authentic self and live their unique path and purpose.
  •  Becoming the One. The love we were seeking, we find within.
  •  We reconnect with Source/Divine and experience Oneness – our true state.
  •  Our experience of life expands and becomes more and more magical as we become aware of higher states of consciousness
  •  Our very frequency uplifts the collective.

This, plus so much more is our potential.

Transmuting The Past: Death, Transformation and Rebirth

As we begin the deep inner descent of bringing our awareness deep into the body, we meet everything that is held within our unconscious.

We meet not only the walls, protection and armour that has been guarding our tender heart, but the deeper vulnerable emotional wounds, hurts and traumas that we’ve buried deep into the subconscious of the body. 

These layers of energetic emotional energy are stored in the nervous system, fascia and muscles of the body. Therefore, wounds aren’t just in our mind. They are weaved through every layer and level of our being: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

The energetic layers of our wounds manifest as our feelings, emotions, beliefs, the way we filter reality, thought patterns, nervous system responses and thus behaviours, reactions and actions. They manifest in our wound-based choices and decisions, the repeated patterns we experience and attract and they manifest in our body including: tightness, pain, tension, injury and dis-ease. 

Therefore, as we venture within and dissolve these energetic and emotional layers of protection and wounding, we are not only transmuting the past from within us, we are dissolving who we thought we were and transforming ourselves on every level of our being.

Dissolving the energies that bind us in every way and allowing for more vitality, more love, and more of our true self to be embodied. This shift in frequency and state naturally leads to a re-alignment of all areas of our life. Therefore, this process is nothing short of transformational. 

It is why I absolutely love this work. It is truly magical. The power we have in our hands from doing this work, to evolve our very being and experience of life, is a gift. We are absolutely not a victim, no matter how much pain we have experienced. And I say from this experience, as someone has gone to the depths of darkness and pain within my own being. It was the journey of that which led me home and for that I am truly grateful. We all have this opportunity if we are brave enough to venture into the darkenss of our own inner caverns and shine the light on those places. Anything is possible when you know how! This journey will give you the how. 

As Rumi so eloquently said, 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers you have built within yourself against it.” 

He also said, 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

These quotes sum up this journey and the work I have to share with those who are committed and ready for this ever-deepening unfurling sacred inner journey. 

The Sacred Journey Home is a 4-part journey. Further information on each course will become available soon.

The first course I have decided to offer completely free as it is my intention to empower you with the knowledge of what is possible when you embark upon a deeper journey such as this. 

Begin the Sacred Journey Home Now with this free online course, Entering The Temple. 

There are incredible possibilities awaiting you, if you are ready to do the work. This course will show you what is possible and how to access the magic waiting for you. 

Pain, suffering, and life, health or relationship challenges are all opportunities for healing, evolution and awakening. 

They provide the mirror to what is unhealed within us, and where we block love. 

As we learn to face our pain and alchemise it, we are led home to our soul and to everything our heart desires. 

Our body heals, our heart opens & our relationships transform.

We move into wholeness, empowerment and the embodiment of our true self.

We awaken our potential and begin to live our purpose.

We move from struggle and feeling blocked/stuck to flow, grace and magic and attract our heart's desires effortlessly. Life becomes easy, abundant & over-flowing with joy. This is the magic that awaits you. 

If you are ready for deep healing and the reclamation of your soul, then I invite you to begin this journey now. 

This course will begin early 2023. Please register your details below if you are interested and I will keep you updated of the start date via email.

I look forward to supporting you on this transformational journey home to who you truly are, and serving the world through embodying your unique soul frequency and love.  

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