The Heart

1:1 Immersion



This Immersion is the culmination of 20 years. It is a journey that will take you deep into your self and into the causal level of any wound. This journey facilitates deep healing and supports you into your wholeness, empowerment and embodiment.

This Immersion is designed to teach and support you in healing your Inner Child and to dissolve the traumas that are holding you back from being your true self and living the life your heart desires.

Whether you are seeking to heal your past, heal your body, open your heart, become unstuck, transform your relationship, open to love or clear the blocks in the way of your purpose, joy, fulfilment, abundance or success, this journey will support you in exactly that. This is a highly transformational soul-deep journey for those who are ready to do the work. 

⦿    Heal The Inner Child & Core Wounds 

⦿    Heal and Open Your Heart

⦿    Increase Connection with Self, Others, Nature, Spirit

⦿    Become An Emotionally Available Parent & Partner

⦿    Master Your Self

⦿    Live From Your Soul Rather Than Wounding


You will learn simple, yet highly transformational embodied practices to connect to your Self (heart, belly-brain, body, Gaia, soul and source) and become conscious of what is held in your unconscious. The practices bring your awareness down from the mind, and deeply into your heart, soul and body, which allows what has been repressed, denied and buried to surface. 

You will move deeper and deeper into yourself, unearthing what is held in your unconscious psyche and this will result in you meeting and feeling your wounds and beginning to understand the bigger picture of how your past has shaped your present self, and limited your future. 

As you learn to feel these parts of your shadow that have been suppressed, you will become aware of the various layers and aspects of your wound, your inner child and protector parts, the connected limiting beliefs, habits and patterns and what you’ve attracted and manifested within your life as a result, both the positive and negative. 

From here you get to experience in a very embodied way, how you are co-creating your life and attracting to you people and experiences that match the frequencies of your wound. 

You may also receive insights into ancestral, prenatal (conception, womb and birth) and even past life patterns, how they are playing out today, and what is needed to heal and evolve. You will experience where these blocks are stored in your body and how that energy affects your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The insight you gain into your self, patterns, and life is empowering and enlightening.  

The more you heal from within, the more your outer reality transforms and the more you move through life from your soul rather than your wounding, programming or safety mechanisms.

You increasingly feel calm, centered, grounded, loving and connected to your intuition, and better able to deal with the demands of daily life, parenting, work and relationships. This is self mastery! 


As you learn to open your heart to all of these tender, painful, and initially uncomfortable parts of yourself, these parts begin to feel seen, heard and acknowledged. This is very much a journey of healing your Inner Child and of deep emotional healing.

Healing occurs through love.  As you learn to love all parts of your self, you heal and experience greater wholeness. Feelings of sadness, anger, shame, stuckness, disconnection, disempowerment, feeling seperate or alone dissolve and are replaced by feelings of self-acceptance, self-worth, empowerment, flow and connection. 

On this journey, we are not trying to become 'better' or 'change.' We are simply learning to love the parts of us we have pushed out, rejected, hidden, shamed, and repressed so that we can emerge as our embodied true authentic self.

We are learning to gather all of our fragmented and lost aspects of our soul that, as a result of trauma (feelings we weren't able to digest) fractured off from the whole. As we reclaim our soul part by part, we come into wholeness and into our power. 

As you learn how to go within, you will meet with the many layers of your wound including the protection mechanisms you built to keep yourself safe. You will become aware of the walls and armour you built and see how they are blocking love, connection, lifeforce, your expansion and various forms of abundance.

As you tend to the core need of your Inner Child, giving them the love, safety, connection and presence they need, these protection mechanisms begin to dissolve, as they are no longer needed. The mask you wear in the world, will begin to dissolve and your heart will begin to open.

As our heart opens we come into connection with the real version of who we are; our soul. We come into connection with others and with life itself. Even the sacred becomes tangible when our heart is fully open.

This is a death and rebirth process. Death to all the false aspects of your ego that were created purely as protection and survival mechanisms and rebirth of your true self in all of your magnificent glory. 

As the layers of protection dissolves, you have access to the core wound. Wounds such as abandonment, rejection, separation, betrayal, guilt, shame etc can all be completely healed with this pathway. And as you heal at these depths, transformation of your inner and outer world begins. 

Emotional wounds are stored in the body and are felt within the body as pain, tightness, contraction, unwanted physical symptoms or even manifested as dis-ease. The more we heal emotionally, the more it frees up our physical body and vitality, positively affecting our health, clearing our mind, as well as lightening our heart. 

This inner work naturally cultivates a sense of inner safety and re-wires the nervous system. This provides unshakeable foundations from which your true self begins to emerge. Relationships transform and deepen, and your choices begin to come from your soul rather than wounds. Here is where your life moves into alignment.

This is not a mindset or personal development journey.

This is a journey of the soul; of softening, opening and surrender. This is an inner journey that takes us directly into our soul, but first we meet with every layer of protection and wound that is stored in the body. Mindset work will never reach these deeper places and thus cannot heal them. Mindset work has its place absolutely, but will override these deeper traumas. Thus, you may have done years of talk therapy, personal development and mindset work yet still feel the same on the inside. These traumas need to be felt through the body, and then the emotional energy can be released. This is how we heal core wounds, which are effectively, traumas. This is how we embody our soul. This is how we become our potential. We don't need to try to be our potential, we simply need to remove the barriers to what is already deep within us.  


As you heal and unify within, you move from an immature consciousness to a mature consciousness; healing the girl or boy within, in order to become the woman or man you know you can be. You become more of your potential. 

Now that you are listening to your inner needs, and loving and honouring your feelings, the choices you make are rooted in self-love.

Naturally you form healthy boundaries, express your needs, say No, and begin respecting your time, energy and self and your life and relationships begin reflecting back to you the self-worth you've developed. 

You are in touch with your self, and begin to move towards what brings you joy and what nourishes your soul. Here, you are capable of creating the life your heart desires.   

During this immersion, you will learn to see the connections between your wound and the various aspects of your self and your life, including your body, mind, emotions, behaviours, relationships, career, life experiences and more.

Your wound has a specific frequency and your life will be mirroring this back to you until it is healed. As you heal the wound, you will see the mirror of your life transform.

You will learn how to use your daily life as a spiritual practice, noticing both the reflections and the triggers that arise, and then digging deeper into the cause within your body and transforming that. You will gradually become more and more conscious and self-aware throughout this immersion. Self-awareness is key and is half the healing. When we can see something clearly, it no longer has power over us and we begin to choose our response rather than act from the default pattern. 

You will learn how to use the following to access your deeper wounds and understand more about yourself:

  •  Emotional Triggers
  •  Relationship Challenges
  •  Physical pain, symptoms and Dis-ease
  •  Life experiences
  •  Dreams

Relationships also provide a mirror. They reflect back to us who we are in the light and the shadow. Relationships have a way of bringing to the surface what is unhealed within us. They are the playground for our wounds to be expressed, seen and thus healed. 

Relationships become conscious when we know how to support ourselves through the potential emotional chaos, projections and triggers that will emerge. Relationships then become a great catalyst for your personal growth, healing and evolution. In addition, when we heal, we heal our family line forward and backwards. We give our children an opportunity to be free. 

Our wounds also tend to arise when we go to uplevel in any area of life. It is usually in the reaching for that next level of success that we bump up against internal resistance or feel a block to manifest that next level of expansion in our life. This occurs because whatever traumas we are still holding onto from the past (ancestral, prenatal and childhood), will arise when we go to expand. 

What is being asked of humanity currently is that we evolve beyond our wounding into the truth and light of our soul. We are being supported to heal so that we move out of separation and fear-based manifestations and into the manifestation of Love and Unity. We are being asked to take our power back and come into our sovereignty; to remember who we truly are and just how powerful we really are.  

We have the support to heal and awaken in ways that were previously not that easily available to us. So now is the time to really go for it and to dissolve everything that we are not, in order to embody all that we truly are.

As Rumi said, "Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers that you have built within yourself against it."

When we can do the work to live from our soul, and allow love to lead the way, we will transform not only our own life, but our family, community and the enitre of humanity. 

We all have our wounds, hurts, pain and fears. That is simply part of being human. However, it is how we approach those wounds that has us either become the victim of those past experiences or to heal through those challenging and vulnerable aspects of our self, and to use them as fuel to evolve into our potential. 

That is what this work is about. 

It is about using our emotional triggers and present challenges, to further heal, evolve and awaken. 

Whatever traumas from the past are not healed or fully integrated in the heart, will show up in your life as:

  •  Emotional triggers and reactions
  •  Relationship problems
  •  Depression, feeling stuck, unfulfilled 
  •  Feeling disconnected, lost or numb, on auto-pilot 
  •  Confused about purpose or direction 
  •  Health challenges and body tensions 
  •  Repeating negative patterns and cycles
  •  Delays and resistance to moving forward
On our spiritual journey, we will be tested and challenged. We will be shown where we are not yet healed and where we are still seeking something outside of our own Self.
Because the end game for the human soul is to know itself as an expression of Source and to be the actualisation and embodiment of that Divine Love.
So all of the above symptoms are giving you access to a deeper wound and showing you where you are still blocking love.

Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers you have built within yourself against it.” Rumi

This is a journey of learning how to heal your wound and the many layers of the onion that keep you in the false illusion that you are separate from Source/divine/God. 

When you believe you are separate from Source, you experience fear and lack. You innately feel unworthy, powerless and a victim of your human experiences. You then seek that love, comfort and reassurance outside of yourself through relationships, sex, addictions, recognition, reward, power, money, fame or status. 

When you believe you are separate from Source, you experience fear and lack. You innately feel unworthy, powerless and a victim of your human experiences. You then seek that love, comfort and reassurance outside of yourself through relationships, sex, addictions, recognition, reward, power, money, fame or status. 

You will do anything, including give your own power away in order to gain a sense of love, acceptance or worth. You will continue to betray and abandon the inner whispers of your heart and soul in order to try and gain or get this love externally in an attempt to give the wounds what they need (the unmet need from childhood etc). 

When we have healed, our self-worth comes from knowing who we are, not from anything we do or anything outside of us. It comes from the fact that we are living expressions of the divine.

As you may have experienced, NOTHING external can ever fill the void of your wound. It is a bottomless pit that will keep you forever hungry, desperate and searching outside yourself, until you learn to go within! That is a merry-go-round that can last lifetimes, until you realise that what you’ve been doing is not working, and will never work. Only then, do we usually become ready for a deeper journey of going within. 

So the journey back home to who you truly are, as a powerful multidimensional creator being, is to go within, and learn to give that love to yourself. To become the loving and supporting Mother and/or Father to our inner child, giving them what they need in each moment.


As you learn to face and feel your wounds, and heal your inner child, you heal the illusions created from your wounds that keep you in a false sense of separation, and you begin to remember who you are. As the illusions fall away, the Truth that all is Love, including your very Self becomes more apparent. Something that all the great spiritual teachers of all time have spoken about. In order to know yourself and your greatest light, you first need to face your greatest shadow and emotional wounds. As Rumi said, "The wound is where the light enters."


What you can expect from this immersion is to:


     ⦿   Learn simple yet transformative tools for healing core wounds and soul embodiment

     ⦿   Learn how to heal your inner child and become the adult


     ⦿   Increase your self-connection and self-awareness and begin to see how your past has shaped and formed your adult self and life.


     ⦿   Be aware of your emotional wounds and their connected beliefs, thought-forms, inner child and protector parts and related behaviours and patterns and manifestations within your life. 

     ⦿   Experience genuine closure of previous relationships or painful situations


     ⦿   Experience real forgiveness, not just a mind-based idea


     ⦿   Learn how to ground and embody, moving from your mind and down into your heart and body.  This opens up your ability to connect with your soul and source.


     ⦿   Learn how to respond from your intuitive soul rather than react from your wounds/triggers


     ⦿   Develop self-love, self-worth, and inner safety


     ⦿   Increase your sense of wholeness and empowerment 


     ⦿   Understand and deal with the unseen metaphysical and psychic barriers to healing


     ⦿   Learn how to revoke agreements, vows and contracts to free your soul into greater sovereignty 


     ⦿   Heal and open your heart


     ⦿   And come to know much more of who you truly are!

This course is for men and women seeking deep healing, heart opening and to embody their true self.
Most importantly, is for those who are ready to do the work.

You will receive from this course what you put into it. If you are prepared to create the time and space that this journey requires, deep healing and life-changing transformation is absolutely possible. 

This course requires 30 minutes a day for the practice and an additional 5-7 hours per module. There are 12 modules. Modules can be worked through weekly (3 month immersion) or fortnightly (6 month immersion). 

This immersion will suit someone who is willing to do a daily practice and engage and communicate throughout the entire journey. You are encouraged to message Tamika at least 3 times a week and share what is arising as a result of your practice so she can oversee your journey and offer support. 

This journey requires the courage to feel what has been buried. This means facing all aspects of yourself including painful emotions. 

Therefore you will need both the genuine desire and the time and space to explore your inner self to maximise the potential of this journey.



A step by step 12 module course that gives you the foundations of Self Mastery, Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment. Learn how to become aware of your deeper wounds, patterns and traumas and how to heal them. The course requires 30 minutes a day for the practice and between 5-7 hours per module for the homework.

The 12 modules can be done over 12 weeks or spaced out over 24 weeks.


These 60 minute sessions are over zoom. These sessions will offer support, guidance and deeper healing to what has been arising as a result of your daily practice. In my experience, healing core wounds cannot be done entirely alone. We need the loving and safe container of relationship for the more vulnerable aspects to surface and heal. 

If you choose to space the course modules over 12 weeks, our sessions will be weekly.

If you choose to space it out over 24 weeks, our sessions will be fortnightly.


I will be available via messenger if you have questions or need support. On this journey it is natural to feel overwhelmed at times as the deeper trauma surfaces and sometimes you need a reassuring voice to remind you that what you are feeling is normal and that you are supported through it. You will be encouraged to message me at least 3 times a week to share how your practice is going and what is arising.

I may at times suggest you to do other practices or tasks that are separate from your practice in order to bring further healing to what is arising. 

INVESTMENT: $3600 AUD paid upfront or $3900 on payment plan.

One module + one 1:1 Healing Session every week for 12 weeks
Upfront payment of $3600
Or 3 monthly payments of $1330

One module + one 1:1 Healing Session every fortnight for 24 weeks
Upfront payment of $3600
Or 6 monthly payments of $665 

If you are feeling called, please fill out the form below to ensure that this is the right journey for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully supporting you on your soul healing and embodiment journey.