If you are ready for a deeper journey, one that will take you into the depths of your soul, create healing at the causal level and bring you home to all of who you truly are, then welcome!

My intuitive, trauma-informed Somatic approach is the result of my 20 year personal healing journey and 17 years as a professional in this space, integrating many modalities and approaches that include:

Trauma Healing | Inner Child and Parts Work | Nervous System Regulation | Heart Awakening | Embodiment | Ancestral & Past Life Healing

As Rumi said, "Your task is not to seek for love, but to seek and find all the barriers you have built within yourself against it."


It is an absolute honour to support you on the sacred journey home to your soul.  What your heart desires is meant for you. But often we need to do the inner work to heal and dissolve what is blocking us from receiving that. 

Your current mental/emotional, relationship, health or personal challenge is an opportunity for healing; an invitation to evolve and awaken.  Life is the mirror of what is unhealed within us. 

When you learn how to face and alchemise your pain and restore regulation to your nervous system, it leads you home to your soul, to everything your heart desires and so much more. 

I invite you to begin this transformational healing journey by registering for my free webinar, The Sacred Journey Home, or by meeting me online in a FREE Initial Consultation where you can learn how this work can support you in healing your present challenge and achieving what it is you desire. 

My soul-deep approach of Somatic Healing is formulated from numerous qualifications and my own healing journey. My method supports causal level healing in any and all areas of your life. 

This work will support you in transforming your mental/emotional health, physical health, relationships, parenting, career and life purpose, sexuality and moving forward into the life your heart desires. 

The work supports you to digest past experiences by releasing the stored emotion, dissolving limiting beliefs,  integrating orphaned parts and restoring safety to your nervous system so that you are able to embody more of your soul and create the future your heart desires. 

If you desire deep emotional healing and to come into the wholeness of your Soul, purpose and potential, I would love to meet you in the free consultation.

Hey there Beautiful Soul!


Soul-Deep Somatic Healer, Soul Embodiment Guide.

For many years I was lost and seeking healing. I became qualified in Coaching and Healing modalities and gained knowledge, but it didn't change how I felt inside.

Eventually, with the right support, I began a deep inward journey that led me into the depths of darkness and eventually home, to the light.

I finally found what I had been searching for...myself.

This work brought healing to every level of my being while transforming all aspects of my life.

The love I had been seeking, I found within.

It was a journey of death and rebirth, of soul embodiment and evolution, and of coming to know myself as Love.

It is now my honour to support you in a deeply sacred journey of healing into the reclamation of your soul and beautiful life that is awaiting you.



Connecting The Heart Immersion

A 3 or 6 month Immersion into the somatic depths of your own self. Heal core wounds and your Inner Child, dissolve the protective armouring and open your heart into your true authentic self. 

Includes a daily practice, 12-module course and 12 somatic healing sessions. You will be supported in and learn how to heal at the deepest of levels, come into wholeness and embody your Soul. 


1:1 Somatic Healing Sessions

These online 1:1 trauma-informed somatic healing sessions support you to heal the root cause of your present mental/emotional, relationship, physical, sexual, career/purpose, or financial issue.

These sessions facilitate deep emotional healing, greater wholeness, nervous system regulation, embodiment and create permanent positive changes in your life.


Sacred Embodiment Membership

Experience 14 days FREE of my Membership which includes a monthly online healing circle and inspirational Masterclass as well as a private community. 

Be gently guided in a safe & loving container to go within and connect, ground, feel, heal, embody, awaken and remember more of who you are. 


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This journey was never meant to be done alone.