The Sacred Journey Home:
A somatic approach to healing core wounds and embodying your soul

  • Learn how your core wounds are at the root of your present mental/emotional, self-worth, relationship, career, health and life challenges
  • Discover¬†how¬†healing core wounds are the gateway¬†to¬†opening your heart, living from the wholeness and potential of your soul and accessing the sacred
  • Discover why mind-based modalities, talk-therapy, personal development and many spiritual practices are not enough to heal core wounds¬†
  • Learn¬†a somatic meditation you can begin using to heal at deep levels.
  • Learn how to truly let the past go, and create the future your heart desires

Hi, I’m Tamika.

Trauma-Informed Somatic Healer & Soul Embodiment Guide

I began my career as a Practitioner in 2007. During this time, I have inspired over 7,000 people in my 1 on 1 sessions, seminars, retreats, webinars and online courses.

I have spoken around Australia, taught international retreats and trained Practitioners in my own methods.

My work supports people in healing their multidimensional traumas/wounding and allows them to heal their past, embody their soul and create the future their heart desires. 

At 24, I hit rock bottom physically and emotionally. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and wanted to end my life. This physical and emotional exhaustion was the catalyst I needed to make the conscious decision to heal myself.

For the next 10 years I worked with Integrative Doctors, Naturopaths and Health Practitioners. I also immersed myself in Personal Development and Spiritual Healing and became qualified in many different Coaching and Healing Modalities including:

  • Life Coaching
  • NLP
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psych-K
  • Genome Healing
  • Medical Intuition
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Pre and Perinatal Psychology
  • Art of Feminine Presence¬†¬†

I built a half a million dollar Coaching Business and despite my success, I was unfulfilled and burnt out. 

Despite all my attempts to heal, my health was worse than ever, my relationships were painful and I felt socially awkward despite my mask of confidence. 

I had been told by various Teachers that I needed to go within. With everything I was qualified in, I thought I was. But in reality, I was stuck in my head, disconnected from my body and running from the pain that I carried deep in my heart and body. 

Once I began working in a somatic way through the body, very deep healing began to unfold and it led me home.

The body is the unconscious mind. It is where all of our repressed emotions, traumas and conditioning is held. 

Therefore, the deeper I went within, the more I became aware of my subconscious wounding and ancestral trauma. It was here I met my Inner Child and became aware of just how sad, alone, unworthy and unsupported she felt. The thought of opening up and being vulnerable felt quite terrifying.

I could see the correlation between my health and relationship challenges. They were expressing what I had repressed. My entire life began to make sense and I could see how true deep healing was now possible.

As I learnt how to sit with, allow and embrace my emotional pain and shadow, I was able to release the stored emotions, reparent and empower my Inner Child, dissolve the illusions, retrieve the fragments of my soul, open my heart and emerge into wholeness.

The more layers I dissolved, the more my body healed, the more my heart opened and the more embodied and integrated I became. I was coming home to my true self and joy began to emerge.

The deeper inwards I went, the more multidimensional my journey became. I healed wounds that had played out through many lifetimes. Eventually as I embraced what felt like the depths of darkness, I discovered and healed the original wound of separation to Source. This journey led me not only home to my Soul, but to Source; to the Divine. To Love itself.

As I came to understand and have compassion for my own wounding and shadow, this translated to a deep understanding and compassion for humanity. I developed a very real sense of gratitude for the gift of the human experience and the preciousness of life where I feel I am able to fully live and enjoy this human experience without taking a single moment for granted. 


My journey inwards taught me that who we are at our core is Love and that this Love is the very fabric of reality. I learnt that our patterns will repeat, even beyond this life, until we find the courage to face ourself and go within.

We are powerful co-creators with the power to completely transform ourself and reality.

Our experience of life is a direct reflection of the frequency of our wounds and our perception a result of the filters we view life through as a result of the wounds. 

The more we realise this, the more we realise that we are only ever perceiving ourself. Therefore, to change our life, or the world, we must transform the causal level, which is inside of us.

This work literally changes the world. As the saying goes, "as above so below, as within, so without". 

Life will always mirror back to us our own self. Through relationship, our body, our money, and our career.

The more we heal our wounds, the more the illusions dissolve and the more we come into the Truth of who we are and the incredible beauty that is found when we live our life through an open heart.

The path into our potential and purpose is through the portal of our wounds. 

Our wounds, fears, resistance, blockages and pain are all invitations to come inwards. They are the gateway home and to all we desire. 

As we embark on this sacred journey, it brings us into our most human self, which leads us to the most Divine aspects of Self. 

If you are truly ready to know and embody the magnificence of YOU, I look forward to meeting you and guiding you home to the magic that awaits you!